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Equipment on the Go

If you’re busy but want to integrate exercise into your daily routine, carrying the treadmill around would give you a serious back injury. I’m referring to portable tools that you can take with you to the office, keep in the trunk of your car, or pack into your suitcase:

  • elastic bands

  • light dumb bells

  • jump rope

  • inflatable Swiss balls (the small ones)

  • an exercise video or DVD that you can play in between meetings

  • Yoga mat

  • Meditation or relaxation music tapes handy.

  • Exercise tubes with handles (to increase muscle strength) and bow tie exerciser (increases upper body strength).

Having a little something with you on the go will eliminate common excuses!


There are some exercise aids that have been specifically marketed to walkers – things like weighted shoes to add resistance while jogging or brisk-walking. Before you dole out your cash to buy exercise accessories, speak to a fitness trainer or orthopedist first. Some products can be just commercial hype.

If you’re going cross-country driving and the trip will take about 12-15 hours, schedule hourly stops so you can perform some stretching exercises or go for a 15-minute walk in the neighborhood. Exercising will energize you, diminishing your need for frequent cups of coffee and relieve eye strain.


Some nice hotels have spa facilities that you can enjoy while on a business trip. Reward yourself with a facial or a massage AFTER a session on the treadmill or 10 laps in the pool. This is a great way to unwind for the evening, and an added bonus for the individual on the go.

The old saying, “You have to enjoy your exercise, otherwise you’ll give up in no time” has never been truer.

Here’s a tip. If you can’t incorporate a tennis game or a trip to the gym, how about signing up for dance classes (e.g. ballet, jazz, tap, belly dancing). If you’ve always loved dancing as a child, wouldn’t this be a great way to fit exercise into a busy schedule?

If you don’t particularly look forward to being with the gym crowd, a dance class will help you stick to the program.

A good motivator – or exercise aid – is to invest in good dance music tapes. Or listen to selected dance tunes on your iPod while traveling, so when you get to your hotel room, you’re pumped up and ready to shake that booty!

Using a Pedometer

This is a beeper-sized device that you clip to your waistband. It measures walking and running distance in steps and miles. Some models are more sophisticated and equipped with measuring features for pace, total exercise time and calories burned.

A pedometer could motivate you to walk during airport or train layovers because you’ll know how much ground you’ve covered and will encourage you to aim for a longer distance on your next trip.

Always Carry…

Always have the following items with you as you travel:

• comfortable shoes

• padlock

• foldable, light gym bag

• quick dry clothing

Keep these in your suitcase at all times so you don’t waste time looking for them and re-packing them. A busy individual like you need not be unencumbered by exercise paraphernalia that you’re hunting for just before taking a flight!



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