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Is a Standing Desk Worth the Price?

Standing desks are all the rage lately, with many people dishing out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on prime models. However, while some evidence suggests a standing desk is a good option for those who sit all day at work, is it worth the hefty investment?

The answer depends on specific use cases and the individual. If you are interested in purchasing a standing desk, you will likely find value in the purchase. Alternatively, if you are on the fence or feel the desk option is overrated, you will probably see little value to convince you such a purchase is necessary.

Looking at the decision from a health perspective, the advantages of a standing desk depend on the individual. Additionally, the benefit to the owner will depend on what they expect from the purchase. For instance, if someone buys a standing desk because they want to lose weight, they will likely be disappointed because the desk does not offer much exercise. Ultimately, whether you should buy a standing desk depends on your expectations. Also, the usefulness of the purchase will depend on the type of desk you buy.

Standing Desks and Health

Several studies show links between long periods of sitting and health problems like cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. By utilizing both standing and sitting desks throughout your workday, you can reduce some of the health risks associated with long-term sitting.

Additionally, while a standing desk is not a source of weight loss, it does encourage more frequent movement and exercise throughout the day. The constant repositioning from a seated to a standing position can help improve core muscle strength and balance. You can also build up back muscles, leading to reduced back pain.

Finally, using a standing desk can lead to cognitive and psychological benefits like increased focus and productivity. Some research points to productivity improvements as high as 45%. Some studies also point to improved heart rates, energy levels, and mood.

However, a standing desk can also lead to health risks if people start standing for too long. The best way to use a standing desk is combined with a traditional desk, allowing routines to alter throughout the day.

Standing Desks and Costs

The primary mitigating factor for purchasing a standing desk is the cost. The most basic standing model tends to run nearly two times the price of a standard desk, and more luxurious or automated models can range from $500 and up.

While some people might not mind spending $500 for a desk that lasts, the mechanical parts of more expensive units call into question long-term functionality. While many manufacturers counter breakage concerns with warranties, most require the desk to be sent to specific facilities, leaving consumers without a necessary piece of office furniture.

The best way to invest in a standing desk is to purchase either a combination model with a standing and sitting portion or a riser. Standing-only options are not practical, and mechanical options are not dependable.

While sit-stand models might take up more floor space, they offer the best of both worlds, allowing users to receive the most benefit from their desks.

What do you think about standing desks? Are they worth the investment? Leave a comment below.


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