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The Worst Ways To Lose Weight

Is weight loss just a myth, like the fountain of youth? Not at all. The problem is that people try to lose weight the wrong way. The following trends are completely bogus.

1. Following Fad Diets

There are many types of fad diets, from juice cleanses to cabbage soup diets that promise to make the fat melt away. Some promote replacing meals with shakes, and others say you can only eat raw foods.

Have you ever noticed that the popularity of these diets only lasts six months? That’s how long it takes for most people to realize that they’re nonsense.

No one can drink only shakes for the rest of their life and stay healthy — or happy.

2. Fasting

There’s a difference between intermittent fasting (IF), which means no food for 16 hours overnight, and starving yourself for days at a time. IF can be a good way to lose weight, because you still eat normally from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and then boost fat burning the rest of the time.

On the other hand, going for several days without eating isn’t sustainable. It can even be dangerous for conditions such as diabetes or gallstones.

3. Cutting Calories Severely

Some TV shows popularized the idea of dropping pounds through grueling exercise regimens and strict diets with minimal calories. Unfortunately, many participants experienced severe health issues years later.

For one thing, cutting calories also means cutting energy sources. It can leave you feeling exhausted, irritable and sick.

Worse, these restrictive diets don’t work. After a few days, your body shifts into “starvation mode,” fighting tooth and nail to hold onto every calorie. Your metabolism slows, and losing weight becomes practically impossible.

4. Eliminating Food Groups

Don’t trust any diet that tells you to eliminate major groups of food, such as fruits, fats or carbs. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you need a healthy balance of foods — even fats. O mega-3 oils and extra-virgin olive oil are examples of good fats your body needs to digest nutrients effectively.

5. Guilting Yourself

Stop trying to guilt yourself into losing weight. Instead, reinforce good habits by reflecting on how awesome you feel when you make smart food choices.

For example, replacing junk food with fiber and protein (e.g., peanut butter, popcorn, etc.) doesn’t make you miserable or hungry. Just the opposite — It makes you feel happy and satisfied!

By all means, choose low-fat and nutritious foods. But do it in a way you can enjoy. Make meals something you look forward to, with delicious natural superstars, such as fresh fruit, lean meats, veggies and nuts.



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