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Which Weight Loss Program Is Better: Optavia or Noom?

Optavia and Noom are membership programs for weight loss and diet maintenance. Both applications have positive reviews and impressive followings, but does that mean that either will be effective for your weight loss journey?

Each tool, like most diets, is only as valuable as a member's level of commitment. While each app has its pros and cons, the question is whether either plan or membership is necessary or useful to the average dieter.

What Is Optavia?

Optavia is a user-driven, coaching-based weight loss program. After signing up for the program, members fill out daily dietary and activity questionnaires and track their progress in a 1-year weight loss journey. Just like other nutrition programs, Optavia suggests that dieters take steps toward better nutrition by cutting calories, increasing portions, and improving portion control. Members will also lose weight with the help of a small daily dose of exercise.

According to the site, there is a common misconception that the only people who use or need Optavia are those with extreme weight loss goals, but the plan can be designed for anyone. Therefore if you have the money and the interest, Optavia might be for you.

What Is Noom?

Noom is an app designed for managing weight loss, nutrition, and fitness. It allows members to create a profile, take a "feedback survey," and scan QR codes to find health information and related recipes.

This type of information gathering and analysis could prove helpful to anyone on a weight loss journey. Most members have shared that their Noom experience was very helpful in determining what they should eat for the day and for calculating how much to eat to reach a specific weight-loss goal.

Noom is a free app for Android and iPhone. However, with a small membership fee, you can access a coach and group chat functions. The information this app provides is unmatched and, in many ways, is indispensable.

How Do They Compare?

Today, anyone with a smartphone can access numerous weight loss accountability apps. However, Optavia and Noom are unique.

Optavia provides a full-scale diet and weight loss program with customizable plans and access to coaches. Unfortunately, it is not cheap.

Noom is more about accountability and putting control with the dieter. You can use most of the functions for free, but you can pay for a membership if you want more advice, input, and socialization.

The primary benefit of each program is the ability to track your progress and provides helpful nutritional advice. However, one is considerably more expensive than the other and restricts flexibility.

While Optavia is a decent program with many loyal customers, the restrictiveness, blatant marketing, and expense might be a turn-off for some clients. Noom, on the other hand, is a proven platform. Granted, it is not as fancy or involved as Optavia, but it provides more than enough for the average dieter.

The goal of any diet program is to find a sustainable way to maintain a healthy weight. Noom seems to be the application that is best suited for such an objective.

Have you used either of these programs or platforms? Leave a comment sharing your experience and opinion.



Jan 17, 2022

I was customer of Noom but I wasn’t happy, mostly they push me to eat salad and water, off course you can to lose weight but is not a sustainable diet either balanced. That was something that I didn’t wanted to pay for.


Jan 16, 2022

I have used Optavia. It is pricey. I am very happy to learn that Noom is not as pricey! I will very likely look into it (or it will find me😉)



Dec 15, 2021

I have tried Noom for 14 days for free. I love the app; however, their monthly fee is not in my budget. My weight fluctuated ( I had to weigh daily) ; so, I didn't lose weight. ☹️☹️

I am trying to come up with an effective Plan B. I like the post regarding walking 30 minutes daily. So, I plan to try that and gradually add exercises.🙂🙂

Jan 16, 2022
Replying to

Try and do a sugar free diet , I’ve found it marvellous.

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