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Why You Should Stop Drinking So Much Green Juice: An Explanation

Green juice is a popular dietary trend. Celebrities, foodies, and influencers tell interested audiences about the beverage's tremendous health benefits, and there is some truth to the claims. However, like any other trend, there is also a lot of hype without evidence.

Many influencers talk about dietary choices in feeling terms: "it makes me feel good." While that is all well and good, how the beverage makes one person feel does not speak to the entire population, and as beneficial as green drink might be, there are also some downsides people need to think about.

The Hype and What It Means To You

Before you join a trend, especially when it deals with your health and wellness, question the source of information. Who are they, and what expertise do they have to speak on an issue? Many influencers and celebrities do not know the biological or scientific principles of nutritional analysis, but that doesn't stop them from acting like experts. Unfortunately, celebrities know the power of suggestion, especially when speaking to fans.

The celebrity life is something many people envy, and for some, emulation means they can achieve similar results. Unfortunately, health doesn't work that way. While there are many general principles you can adapt to your life to improve your health, it all starts with a basic understanding of your medical history; for example, the basic food recommendations have a place for dairy, but some people cannot process dairy, meaning they need to find alternatives. It wouldn't make sense to down a chocolate milkshake as a fun treat to this group of people.

Lifestyle is individual, and while some information delivered from famous voices is OK and accurate, it does not mean everything they say is universal. That being said, green juice — the reason you are here — has its pros and cons.

The Benefits of Green Juice

Unsurprisingly, green juice and green smoothies provide many of the same benefits of increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Greens offer many crucial nutrients and vitamins, including vitamins A, K, and C. The daily consumption of leafy greens and other fruits and vegetables, in various forms, can reduce inflammation and improve brain and heart health.

Additionally, some evidence points to fresh juice as a source of prebiotics. Prebiotics are food sources for probiotics or good gut bacteria. Routine intake of prebiotics can improve digestion and immune function.

Finally, many people find it easier to meet daily requirements for fruits and vegetables when drinking them instead of eating them. Green juice provides significant benefits for these people, especially if they typically stay clear of vegetables.

The Cons of Green Juice

There are three potential downsides of drinking too much green juice: low fiber, raised blood sugar, and kidney problems. If you are juicing your greens rather than making smoothies, you eliminate most of the food's fiber. Juicers eliminate the pulp or flesh of fruits and vegetables, which is often the most nutritious part. Juicing also removes most of the protein from the juiced item. Protein and fiber are crucial to maintaining balanced blood sugar levels.

Finally, drinking too much green juice can lead to a dangerous amount of oxalic acid in your body. Oxalate can cause kidney stones or even kidney failure, meaning you should only drink green juice in moderation.

You can still enjoy a glass of green juice, but make sure you limit your intake and protect your body. Too much of a good thing is dangerous.

What's your take on green juice? Leave a comment.


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09 ene 2022

I. boil my greens before putting them in my smoothie to get rid of the. Oxalic acid.

Me gusta

09 ene 2022

Thanks for the tip. Just bought the green smoothie girl's 26 day detox program the other day. There is lots of incomplete or disinformation about health and nutrition on and off the web for sure. I consider Robin Openshaw a reliable source and ordered her product. Not sure I'll dive into the detox program any time soon. But I wanted the nutritional and the detox info from a person whose been there and done that. I have learned enough that there's a right and a wrong way to detox.

Me gusta
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