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4 Tips To Help You Shop for CBD Products

Many store shelves include CBD or cannabidiol products. Hemp-produced CBD is legal in most states, but marijuana-produced CBD is not. Therefore, before buying any CBD product, you need to know the legality of the product and understand its efficacy and pedigree.

Research into CBD shows how the chemical can help with pain regulation and seizure treatment. However, Epidolex is currently the only FDA-approved CBD product, a prescription cannabidiol used to treat seizures.

While the efficacy of CBD remains unclear, several preliminary studies show the product's potential. Advocates of CBD products speak to the many potential treatment possibilities; for example, the compound may relieve symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, stress, inflammation, migraines, depression, etc.

Before you buy any CBD products, you need to do your homework because not all products are equal. As you begin your search for a CBD supplement, experts suggest four tips.

1. Quell Your Expectations

CBD is relatively new in the open market. With limited credible, human-based research, snake oil tricksters are having a field day. You can find CBD for everything that ails you, from toenail fungus to hair loss.

Consumers should be cautious of CBD vendors or manufacturers making specific claims about their products. While CBD shows potential in many treatment areas, More research is necessary for specific claims.

Whenever a manufacturer makes specific claims about its products, ask for the research verifying the claim. Also, ask someone more qualified than you to review the information.

Also, while some CBD users claim the compound works instantaneously, many people may need to take several doses over several days before they notice any significant health improvements.

2. Choose a Form and Delivery Vehicle

CBD products come in many forms. You can buy oils, edibles, topical creams, etc. You can also use CBD in vape pens if you prefer to smoke it.

The form and delivery method you use will usually determine when you may feel the effects. Vaping or smoking the product can produce rapid results because it provides quick access to the lungs and bloodstream. Sublingual administration or placing the oil under the tongue can provide a near-instantaneous effect, and it is often the preferred method for most consumers.

3. Only Buy Domestic Products

If you choose to use CBD products, do so with caution. Avoid imported CBD. Domestic CBD products come from domestic farms, which must abide by FDA manufacturing and growing practices.

Also, domestic products must undergo federal and state testing to ensure basic safety standards. Consumers should have access to those test results.

According to experts, Colorado produces the best hemp products, and the state is ahead of others with its hemp program. The program requires THC level checks and testing for illegal pesticides on plants.

If a product does not state the source or grow location, ask the licensed seller if they know where it was produced. If you cannot find information about the location, it is best to avoid the product.

4. Review the Certificate of Analysis

Always review the certificate of analysis for a product before purchasing it. The COA is acquired through third-party testing. Experts recommend searching for COAs from labs that meet ISO 17025 standards and use valid testing methods from one of three standard-setting organizations: the Association of Official Agriculture Chemists, the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, or the U.S. Pharmacopoeia.

CBD products continue to grow in popularity and availability. However, as a consumer, remain aware of all the new products flooding the marketplace. Before you buy CBD supplements or products, consult your doctor and talk to a licensed distributor.



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