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4 Types of Skin Care Tech Revolutionizing the Industry

A good skin care regimen is about more than just looking beautiful. It also enhances your confidence, which offers benefits on a personal and professional level. If you're concerned about looking older, the right skin care approach can also help you fight the signs of aging.

In addition to your favorite products, emerging skin care technology also has much to offer these days. New devices rely on scientific principles to reduce swelling, relieve acne, and so much more. Here are a few items currently causing a buzz and how they can benefit your routine.

1. Red Light Therapy

Laser therapy has many therapeutic and medicinal applications. When it comes to skin care, a specific wavelength of red light has been found to offer improvements in the form of wrinkle reduction and enhanced texture.

Red light therapy sends energy directly into skin cells to help them function more efficiently. For instance, it's claimed that red light treatment facilitates faster healing to ensure proper turnover of skin cells. It may also enhance collagen production to keep your face soft and supple.

Special wands can now bring red light therapy right into your home. Along with the convenience they offer, these tools are also safe and easy to use.

2. Cryo Masks

Ice packs over the eyes to decrease swelling are certainly nothing new in the realm of skin care. However, cryo masks take the healing process one step further by using a device that can be conveniently stored in your freezer until needed.

These silicone masks include special cooling gels and beads that rest over certain areas of the face. They help decrease puffiness and swelling without the irritation that ice packs can sometimes cause. They also have a sculpting effect that can define your features.

Cryo masks are especially beneficial to people who lead busy lifestyles. You're free to treat your skin while you go about your morning ritual, which means you'll never need to neglect your skin care routine due to lack of time.

3. Facial Toning Devices

It's also possible to stimulate the skin using weak electrical currents. That's the purpose of microcurrent facials, which involve a device that emits very minimal electrical currents when placed against the face.

Because the electrical currents stimulate facial muscles, it's claimed that they have the ability to tighten and tone the face. They also enhance the health of the skin by improving blood flow to the area, which boosts wound healing.

The result is a fuller, younger face with fewer worries about inflammation. While microcurrent facials used to require a salon visit, devices are now available for at-home use.

4. Sculpting Bars

If you love massages, a sculpting bar will be a great addition to your beauty routine. In addition to the relaxation they afford, a sculpting bar can also tighten and tone your skin when used consistently.

They're extremely easy to use. Just rub the bar over your face and neck for smoother skin and decreased sagging. Some tools even vibrate for a calming and serene experience. They're usually made from precious metals or gemstones, such as gold and quartz.

While they lack some high-tech flourishes of other devices, sculpting bars can be used just about anywhere and at any time. In addition to their impressive portability, they can also be combined with your favorite beauty products for even greater results.

With so many beauty devices and technology on the market these days, it can be overwhelming to make the right decision. That's why you should always look for beauty products that are backed by science and research. Not only are they more effective, but you can also rest assured of a safe experience when using them.



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