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How to Use a Pedometer

A calories-burned counter is called a pedometer. Choosing a good and high-quality Digital Calories burned counter usually means paying more as the more expensive pedometers are better. As with everything you buy, you get what you pay for. However, you can avoid paying for more pedometer than you need by researching and looking for reviews. The following are characteristics of a good Calories burned counter.

1. It Doesn’t Under-Count Or Over-Count Steps

The most essential characteristic of a good Calories burned counter is accuracy. While no pedometer can have 100% accuracy in counting steps, you should not get one that under-counts or over-counts in either extreme. In most cases, a poor quality calories burned counter usually under-counts your steps. Because every step counts, you may end up working harder than you should if you buy a poor quality pedometer.

2. Comes With Warranty (At Least 1 Year)

A good quality calories burned counter will come with minimum one year warranty or more. A pedometer with no warranty or a limited warranty gives you no assurance that the device will last.

3. Comes With Longer Battery Life

A calories burned counter that comes with only a short battery life will not be accurate and this will negatively affect your wellness and fitness program. Thus, you must find one that has a longer battery life.

4. Comes With "False Step" Sensor To Remove Non-Step Motion

The better calories burned counters come with built-in "false step" sensor. These filter out motions that are not considered as a "normal step". Such calories burned counters are usually more accurate in results compared to others.

5. Has Separate Step and Aerobic Step Counters

A pedometer that has separate calories burned counters for regular steps and for minutes walked more than 10 minutes continuously will give you a better sense of the actual calories you have burned off. These pedometers are more sophisticated and thus better.

Calories burned counters that are used as freebies or are items given away in trade shows, or sold as promotional items are typically considered as "cheap" and "not-so-good-quality" Pedometers.

Instead, invest the money out of your own pocket to get one of the top quality calories burned counters available today.



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